Cathy Cartier, Affton

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Cathy Cartier with class

It’s two weeks into a new school year, and everyone is adjusting.   A former student passes my door, stops and, flashing her metal-filled smile, says, “Mrs.  Cartier, how are you? I miss your class already. I’m kind of nervous about AP Lang.”  I take in her pony-tailed red hair, her thin runner’s build complete with Read More

Guest Educator Column — Chris Holmes, Hazelwood

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It was supposed to be a day of peer editing, when my advanced journalism students provide thoughtful, in-depth feedback on their classmates’ first drafts. I love these days, when students become teachers and learning flourishes for both writer and editor. But on this particular morning only eight of my 19 students had submitted stories; only Read More

Guest Educator Column – Kim Dailey, Lindbergh

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This morning marked day 11 of this teacher’s winter break, but it was day one for my quiet staycation at home after hectic holiday plans and a flooded basement. After a relaxing soak in the bathtub, I opened my computer to social media. When I opened my newsfeed, I noticed a story posted by a Read More