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Can you think of any part of your life that isn’t touched in some way by a teacher? Teachers provide instruction for our doctors, farmers, community leaders, plumbers and … teachers! May 2-6 is Teacher Appreciation Week, and these prominent Missourians have expressed their thanks to favorite teachers from their school years and all teachers Read More

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“People first.” That expression is at the heart of many teachers’ passion for their craft. They may teach a subject they love or know deeply, but the focus of education – the reason they chose a career in the classroom – is to serve students. Jon Frank understands that, and it’s the reason he began Read More

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Susie Helwig working with students

It’s no secret that teaching is about more than imparting facts and figures to students. Oh, sure, it’s also about helping them develop a deep understanding of subject matter, but at its heart, teaching is about giving kids power. “I tell my students that knowledge is power,” said Susie Helwig, a science teacher at North Read More

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Teachers are inspired to establish their careers in education by a wide variety of influences. For Ben Dueker, an 8th grade history teacher at Northeast Middle School in Creve Coeur, the influence was family. “My mom was a teacher in my school,” Ben said. “I was able to see her commitment to teaching and the Read More

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It was supposed to be a day of peer editing, when my advanced journalism students provide thoughtful, in-depth feedback on their classmates’ first drafts. I love these days, when students become teachers and learning flourishes for both writer and editor. But on this particular morning only eight of my 19 students had submitted stories; only Read More

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As a business teacher at Scott County Central High School in Sikeston, Buddy Alberson is quick to mention his favorite part of leading the classroom. “I enjoy those ‘aha’ moments when students realize what they can do with the material they’ve been taught,” he says. “I have a sense of pride in the school, which Read More

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Dr. Asbill assisting student at computer

Cassville is tucked away in the southwest Missouri Ozarks, just a few miles from Roaring River State Park. It’s a picturesque community, but very small. Many similarly sized towns across the state struggle to attract qualified teachers to their school districts, but Cassville seems to have figured out how to address the challenge. They grow Read More

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